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Sensinova - The SIGVARIS grip top lives up to its promise

Sigvaris introduces a brand new scientifically tested (of course) and patented new grip top. Innovative Sensinova technology brings you a perfect hold, exceptional stretch and comfort, ultra-hypoallergenic and scientifically tested breathability.


  • Breathable dual-component silicone
  • EMPA (3) testing confirms:
Water vapour passes through the silicon.
- optimal moisture wicking
- less perspiration

- fewer skin irritations
- no itchin

3)Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology

SIGVARIS Sensinova silicone moisture wicking


  • Whole area covered by extremely thin silicone
  • Higher adhesiveness means less pressure required
  • Exceptional stretch to support each physical movement
- no chafing
- no itching
- no known silicone allergy

Exceptional Stretch and Comfort

  • Stretchable fabric and high adhesiveness eliminates twisting and curling
  • Reduced and evenly distributed pressure levels leaves no marks on the skin
  • Ultra-thin design ensures no bunching under clothing
  • Fits like a glove and follows physical movement, making it barely perceptible.

SIGVARIS Sensinova Grip Top
The SENSINOVA grip top is available in the MAGIC thigh range.