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SIGVARIS launches Vein App on 150th anniversary

Reproduced from source: www.sigvaris.com/global

These days patients learn about diseases on the Internet and by talking to doctors. Efficient consultations are a challenge. SIGVARIS, the leading manufacturer of medical compression textiles, presents the Phlebo-App for venous diseases. On its 150th anniversary, the Swiss family company is launching a tool that simply and clearly explains the origin of venous diseases to patients.

Around 15 per cent of the population currently suffer from venous diseases. The SIGVARIS Phlebo-App for iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface explains why these medical conditions arise and how they can be prevented and treated. “The App was tested by doctors at the World Congress of the International Union of Phlebology (UIP) in September 2013 in Boston and was very well received,” says Urs Toedtli, SIGVARIS Group CEO. “We are delighted to see this App marking another milestone in our company’s 150-year history.”

An App explains venous diseases

The SIGVARIS Phlebo-App for iPad and Android is primarily intended as a communication tool to help doctors explain venous diseases and prevention and treatment methods to patients. It is also an information source that patients can access at any time. The App pinpoints the most important veins and places on the human body where venous diseases occur. Video clips provide a simple explanation of venous diseases, their origins and prevention as well as their treatment using medical compression stockings.

A pioneer creates value added

SIGVARIS is the world‘s leading manufacturer of high quality medical compression textiles. This 150-year old internationally successful Swiss family company is tireless in its pursuit of quality and innovation as it works to help customers improve their health and their quality of life. It developed the first effective medical compression stocking (1961), the first made-to-measure medical compression stocking (1990), and the aesthetically and medically effective “Diaphane” stocking (2001). The launch of the Phlebo-App represents another milestone for the pioneering group: a service with value added for customers, the medical profession and business partners. “The App can be used globally as an educational tool. We are currently working on other language versions,” Urs Toedtli says visibly pleased.

Available now free of charge

The SIGVARIS Vein App for iPad has been available since December 2013 while the new versions for Android can be downloaded now in five languages from the App Stores.

Free download Phlebo-App for iPad.
Free download Phlebo-App for Android.